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Concrete Fusion is a revolutionary product for fusing concrete.

Concrete Fusion is an admix with cement and sand, replacing water, creating a mixture that can be easily poured or troweled.

Concrete Fusion sets within minutes for tire or foot traffic, and fully cures within 3 hours.

Concrete Fusion is certified to densify the internal surfaces of the original concrete, preventing moisture from entering the repair.

Concrete Fusion creates a concrete repair that is more durable and weather resistant than the original concrete.

Concrete Fusion accepts dyes and stains to create a homogeneous appearance with the original concrete.

Concrete - No Delamination

This is our proof that our product will not delaminate once it is in place.
This video proves how well it bonds.

This is why other products don't work.

Concrete Fusion Densification-Certificate

Our Certifications

Download Densification Certificate
This certificate displays Densification Test Results of our product.

Download Certificate of Chemical Testing
This certificate displays our products resistance to 49 chemicals.

Download Certificate of Flame Resistance
This certificate displays our products resistance to flame.

Concrete Fusion SDS-Part A

Safety Data Sheets

Download SDS - Part A
Safety Data Sheet for PART A.

Download SDS - Part B
Safety Data Sheet for PART B.

Download SDS - Part C
Safety Data Sheet for PART C.

Concrete Fusion Crack Repair-Brochure

Our Brochure

Download CONCRETE FUSION Concrete Crack Repair Brochure
For more details on our product.

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